I'm Jen, a personal trainer & nutrition counselor, certified through the International Sports Sciences Association. I found a love for fitness and nutrition in 2011, and years later, I made the decision to take things a little more seriously and compete in WBFF Fitness Atlantic in 2015.

Through this experience and years to follow, I've realized first-hand how amazing it is to completely change your life, mentally and physically, by including fitness into everyday life. As a result, I have a drive and motivation to spread that process on to others!

My passion led me to study Nutritional Sciences in college to receive my bachelor's degree to become a nutrition educator, as well as become a Certified Personal Trainer. I expanded the population I serve by becoming involved in providing management and nutritional services for women, infants, and children in the WIC Program in Connecticut and South Carolina.

This had allowed me to further my skills in helping clients through the nutritional aspect and dig deeper in to behavioral changes and work together to find a routine that would be attainable and realistic. I truly believe it all starts with the right mindset.

My forever motto: "Mind & Body in Strength"





video credit: speaker Anthony Burns



The best, most effective motivation comes from within yourself.

Imagine where you want to be. 

Constantly remind yourself of your goals. 

When doubt creeps in, remember why you started in the first place. 

Write your goals down. 

Start your day off with a positive vibe to set the tone for the day. Every day. 

Reflect. Self reflection is so important. 

Clear the mind. It helps you stay focused. 

Think to yourself. For yourself. Fitness is an investment in your health.

Your happiness.

Overall wellness.

Who's really stopping you? 

Are you ready, my friend? 


Sometimes feel like you talk yourself out of going to get a workout in?

Let me help you out...

Having a personal trainer sets you more accountable by booking appointments weekly or monthly to make sure you're staying on track with your workouts! 

I just ask one thing...

Make sure you're 100% ready. Put heart into it. If you give me 100%, I'll give you 200%. I take your goals very seriously, and so should you!