What is the Fit & Firm Challenge?

  • The Fit & Firm Challenge is a 4-month challenge, ending at the end of January.

  • Each month, the kind of cardio and core workouts that clients do will change. This way, participants will be able to see which kind of exercise their body responds the best to. 

  • Measurements will be taken on or closest to the first of every month, and the average of total inches (not pounds) will be recorded. 

  • Total inches will be recorded each month, and at the end of the challenge, the participant who has the most inches lost, as well as the most visible transformation, will be awarded a prize! Participants will be able to see where they stand, compared to other participants.

  • NUTRITION portion - Diet is going to play 75% in any body transformation. What WILL be recorded weekly will be the foods that maybe shouldn't have been eaten that week. This way, you can look at your diet and better be able to visualize the changes that need to happen/foods that need to be eliminated or eaten more so in moderation.

  • Participants will also write down how they were feeling that day on a scale from 1-10 (1 being very down, 10 being very happy), as well as the amount of stress they've had that day on a scale from 1-10. This will help participants notice the triggers for the consumption of these "bad" foods to better/best find a way to cope with them!

          Results coming soon! 


Level 1 core workout document download for free!

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Have more fun and work out with a friend or family all within 45-60 minute sessions! Recommended to groups who have similar goals.

Minimum number of people per session: 2 (45 minute sessions)

Maximum number of people per session: 3 (60 minute sessions)